Laravel Cheat Sheet

Laravel 5.1 LTS Cheat Sheet

Are you a PHP developer, working using the Lararvel framework?

If your answer is yes; here in this article we are writing about the Laravel 5 cheat sheet.

The cheat sheet guide is a complete reference for Laravel 5.1 LTS and higher versions of the framework.

The two members @Summer and @Aufree are the maintainers of the project, and they are from The EST Group.

The cheat sheet guide supports responsive design, so can be viewed in any devices.

Laravel 5.1 Cheat Sheet

Contribute to the project on github -

Open the cheat sheet -

Cheat Sheet for Chinese Developers -

Laravel 5.3 Cheat Sheet -

The cheat sheet for the older Laravel v4.2 version is also available, which is maintained by @JesseObrien.

Laravel v4.2 Cheat Sheet -

Happy Coding!