Hacktoberfest 2020 — help growing open source projects

Hacktoberfest is landing this October 2020 again like in the previous years, which is a month-long celebration of contribution to open-source projects maintained by developers around the world.

Hacktoberfest is a great event, which encourages participation in the open-source community to contribute, as the open-source community is growing bigger every year.

If you have never known about Hactoberfest before or never contributed before, be the one to complete the 2020 challenge and earn a limited-edition T-shirt this year.

I started my Hactoberfest participation since 2016 and trying to celebrate this event every year on the open-source contribution. I've contributed to a lot of projects in the past, and try to give more whenever possible.

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From the beginning of my developer carrier in 2013, there has been tremendous growth in the open-source community, with several popular open-source projects landing every day. This growing community is becoming a great motivation to newbies to learn new things and talent developers to become great creators of their platform to work full or part-time with the passion-filled in them.

Since the launch of the github sponsors platform, developers who are maintaining open-source projects can now get direct funding support from the community, businesses relying on the project would show interest in supporting them. So, developers receiving such support from the platform encourages them to work with full passion and generate more new ideas everyday.

Hacktoberfest is open to everyone in the global community. This event helps in growing yourself and the community, as you get a chance to learn new things, and open-source projects get better with your contribution.

 So, better try and contribute weather, you are a beginner in development or a long-time contributor, your support helps to grow the community.

Read the guidelines that match your position (maintainer, contributor, company) in the official Hacktoberfest website.

I would recommend you to read the open-source contribution guidelines before you start contributing to any project.

Thanks to Digital Ocean for organizing this great event every year!

Happy Contributing!