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Are you jumping over here to know about the best web hosting companies in 2024?

Here, we have demonstrated hosting services based on the application context and the requirements.

Is shared hosting suitable for the Laravel application?

Many people talk to me via email, and the personal message by reaching throughout this blog, to ask about the best web hosting for Laravel apps.

Similarly, I get several questions about Shared Hosting plans provided with different hosting providers to host their Laravel apps.

My answers to all those questions are precisely the same for everyone. Follow the below points for your replies.

Laravel does not perform great on a shared hosting server, and the security, performance of your application will always stay behind. Besides these, you won't be able to deploy with the modern tools made for Laravel.

Which is the best hosting provider for Laravel in 2024?

There are many great choices for hosting providers in the current age (2024). I'm confident with the thing, where a lot of VPS and cloud-based hosting providers are available within your budget.

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Almost most of the hosting providers have come up with the VPS services nowadays. We recommend using custom VPS from most hosting providers, but make sure they satisfy the requirement, and you can afford their cost.

How to host Laravel Apps?

We've covered some guidelines on how you can manually host your Laravel apps with our blog posts.

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Even more, there are some commercial products available to host your Laravel application within the choice of your hosting service provider.

If your application deals with extensive traffic and needs auto-scaling, consider using Forge, Vapor a serverless platform by the Laravel team.

Where to host regular PHP websites?

Depending on the type of website and traffic, many hosting providers are available. We've listed a few of them below with offers to get you started with quickly with credits.

A lot of hosting providers offering managed WordPress hosting with many more WordPress features packed with them.

A2 Hosting)


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It helps us to maintain this blog in the future with the other great articles to the readers.

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